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Garrett Garfield
November 27, 2017 | News | Garrett Garfield

Waiting and Being Productive

So much has been going on the past few months that it’s been a nonstop wave of activity. Where to start?

Well, some of the strong meads I made six to eight months ago have aged sufficiently to become quite tasty. 14.5% alcohol sure does breed patience! Speaking of patience, that’s related to the brand name that I’ve decided to use for my company. I’ll be revealing that soon enough, but in the meantime, you’ll have to wait…

As far as significant developments, I’ve gotten all the equipment that I need to start making mead on a commercial scale. The three 500 liter fermenters and one of my 1000 liter maturation tanks are waiting to get broken in with their first batch. Alongside them is my first drum of honey, a nice yellow barrel filled to the brim with 300 kgs of elegant Southern Chilean wildflower honey. Also, the most patient and first major piece of equipment I bought is my fruit press that I got this past summer (remember, that’s in January for you Northern Hemisphere folks) The only thing holding me back is getting our facility in line with regulations; it’s not too bad when you’re outside of Santiago, but it’s still quite the process.

This year of waiting has been good overall, allowing my vision to mature and become more realistic. I’ve learned from several meadmakers in places such as the United States, Mexico, Chile and Costa Rica invaluable information about opening and running a meadery. I’ve gotten good feedback as well, discovering how long it takes to age a mead depending on the alcohol content, and that it’s best to wait until it’s in its prime condition before giving it to people. 

More posts will be coming in between all the craziness with the harvest season and getting the galpón all fixed up!




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